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I believe my last blog was the end of the festival season on "Dibbsonthat" my blogger spot jobby, and I last poked my head up properly a good couple of weeks ago. So it seems like a good point to make the switch over to my own website blog and fill you all in on whats gone down this year so far.

As alot of you will be aware we fucking smashed the "A Pickle down under" Kickstarter, not only hitting the £4500 target but blowing that out the water with a whopping £6063.

This ment that the fuel for #apickledownunder was all covered with a bit more for other expenses (like monster truck wheels), and I would be on a ferry soon after posting out gifts to backers.

If you hadn't already gathered thatg was just short of a month ago and I'm still here.

"What Happened this time? " I hear you ask.

It was all in place, Target raised, two weeks post everything out, put pickle in to be tuned up for a day, pick up the GoWesty lifting kit and other goodies from Campervan Culture, head up to slambassador fit it all, then tour my way down to Dover topping up funds as I go.

It was about phase two of that list it went wrong. "Pickle" decided she wasnt ready, and what I thought was to be a quick carb tweak turned in to a nightmare.

I was without the van for weeks due to a buggared carb and everytime I thought I'd found one the lead tailed off to nothing.

We finally got it running with the old carb and I seized the oppertunity to get down to Campervan Culture and collect my swag.

The van ran rough as old ball bag but it was great to see Jed and it was like christmas had come round again.

Armed with Fox shocks, Gowesty Springs, LED headlights, recovery tools, and shed loads of other awesome stuff we hit the pub for 2 to 9 pints :)

On my way back to Grand Chapel Studios I realised I'd almost done a whole tank of fuel in a round trip of about 120 miles!!! my Carb issues were far from gone.

I panicked alot, cried out for help, and almost had a breakdown when Martin Eva came to the rescue. Martin works at weber and got me a brand spanker sent out and instructed it'll need a choke cable making up and may need jetting but if so he can send out some jets as well.

Martin thanks so much dude!

All kitted out I tweaked the old carb to make it as lean as possible and made my way up to Skelmeresdale to finish "Pickle" prep with Den at Slambassador.

On arrival I got straight on mounting my CVC highlift jack and a few other essential bits and bobs and we started searching for some 15" steel rims, to go with the all terrain General tyres I had ordered. These rims are always about apparantly, but could we bloody find any?

We eventually found a set of merc vito wheels in Preston, so the next day I went up there collected the wheels and went to put the tyres on and get them balanced.

Got back to the workshop Den's booked the van in for the new carb tuning a couple of days down the line so we got stuck in with fitting the lifting kit.

Up She goes!

I've gathered over my time at Slambassador that Dens super efficient and organised.

Shocks, springs, CV joints, brakes, and everything else all get laid out in their rightful corner on the floor before going any where.

Oooooh Naughty!