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Get set for an album of beautifully gutsy songs, refined and presented with honesty, designed with inventiveness and recorded and produced with superb style. Singer-songwriter Tom Dibb has woven lyrics that go as deep as the darkest ocean through a soaring and hearty forest canopy of sounds, as he tells his stories with undertones of blues and folk. 

A 9 track journey that should make you want to travel it again and again.

This new album presents new sounds compared to past recordings; Instrumentation includes saxophone, fiddle and string piano, wholesome layers of backing vocals with a soulful jaunt, and grooves to get your feet tappin'. All this combined with Tom's usual acoustic flair and knack for clever and intriguing lyric writing make for a very good listen.


1. Tracks

2. Three

3. Puppet Queen

4. We Call Jump

5. Pick on the Wrong Party

6. Fantasy of Misery

7. Harlequin

8. Sailing

9. Begin


Includes download code

'Tracks' Signed CD

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