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A signed CD featuring 9 tunes taken live from The Bear Club show 11/11/22 celebrating new music, friendship and damn cool venues.

1. Baby Green

2. Player
3. Puppet Queen

4. Fight the Good Fight

5. Pick on the Wrong Party

6. Stumble

7. Castle

8. Pickle

9. Hit the Road

Written by Tom Dibb
Performed by;
Tom Dibb vocals/acoustic guitar
Anneliese Shaw vocals/percussion
George Golding guitar
James Delarre violin
Michael Pearce piano/organ
Graham Jolly drums
Dave Whitford bass
Joe Topping Slide Guitar
Charli Lou Saxophone
Izzy, Nini, Josh, Chloe, Hannigan, Audience backing vocals
Recorded live at The Bear Club by Dan Curto assisted by Michael Pearce 11/11/22.
Mixed by Michael Pearce at Grand Chapel Studios. Mastered by Stephen Kerrison.

'Live at The Bear Club' Signed CD

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